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Progressive Grocer Recognizes Four Hershey Leaders as Top Women in Grocery

At Hershey, we strive for excellence. We are thrilled that four employees have been recognized by Progressive Grocer as a part of their 2020 Top Women in Grocery Awards.
Todd Scott
Manager, Communications

Key Takeaways:

    • Each year, Progressive Grocer recognizes women who are doing extraordinary work and going above and beyond in their Top Women in Grocery awards. This year, The Hershey Company is proud to have four employees recognized in the 2020 program.
    • Those recognized include Amber Cenci, senior manager, strategic revenue growth management pricing strategy; Angelica Glass, CSE, Kroger; Amanda Rutter, category management consultant; and Sandita McDermott, senior manager, sales for 7-11.
    • Senior women leaders across the company came together to congratulate and applaud these four women on their outstanding work. Check out the videos!

Each year, Progressive Grocer recognizes extraordinary women in their Top Women in Grocery awards. These women strengthen the retail food industry at many levels, within both the retailer and supplier communities.

This year, The Hershey Company is proud to have four women receive the honor.

As we discussed their accomplishments with them, they each shared a belief that a part of their individual achievements could be attributed to a supportive working environment that fosters growth through encouragement and sponsorship.

“It’s so important for women to have the encouragement of their male counterparts, and I think that’s unique. It’s not just the job of women to promote women at The Hershey Company. It’s the company’s initiative to create an inclusive culture that encourages women leadership.“

- Amber Cenci, Sr. Manager, Strategic Revenue Growth Management Pricing Strategy

“The people are what make this company so fantastic and why I am so proud to work for Hershey. And, as I have stepped into leadership roles, my perspective has changed. When I think back to those who helped mentor and sponsor me, I know I want to model those same behaviors to others.”

– Angelica Glass, CSE, Kroger

"What I love that the Hershey Company is that there are not a lot of barriers to accessing upper level executives. You can go to someone several levels above you, and they make themselves available to your questions. They are willing to help you, and that’s where a lot of sponsorship occurs.”

– Amanda Rutter, Category Management Consultant

“No matter where you move in the company, people are challenging you to invest in yourself and be the best you can be. There are also women at every level of leadership throughout the company, and that provides a pathway for women to achieve their professional goals – whatever they may be.”

- Sandita McDermott, Sr. Manager, Sales 7-11

For more on their journeys and the culture that encouraged them to succeed, watch the award winners share their own thoughts.


Be sure to watch a special congratulations message for the winners from senior women leaders.