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Keeping People Safe at Work

Safety is a human rights issue for Hershey and we put the safety of people—from our employees to contractors and guests at Hershey facilities—first. We are also committed to protecting and promoting the wellbeing of the people who work for and with us.

We have standardized safety practices and processes across our operations and have focused on enhancing our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System. As part of this, we have also been working to standardize our safety, health and environmental compliance processes.

Our approach is based on global best practice and seeks to meet or exceed regulations wherever we operate. The standardization system includes developing new global safety standards for both people and the environment, as well as regular and continual training for relevant employees in applicable areas.

Its implementation is supported by a robust internal audit system that validates the application of the standard as well as each site’s compliance with local regulations. The Audit teams will consist of EHS Center of Excellence members and EHS managers from other sites. Our EHS Lean Pillar team oversees the implementation of the new safety standards and procedures.

While standardizing safety processes, we also developed a training matrix that lists all safety topics, the frequency of training required, the relevant personnel to be trained or to manage training, and what resources the training requires, such as online classes or in-person demonstrations.